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3 idiots


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3 Idiots to hit screens on Tomorrow
3 Idiots , Rajkumar Hirani’s upcoming movie is based upon Chetan Bhagat’s novel “Five Point Someone “.
It has got an amazing star cast, starring Aamir Khan as Ryan, Kareena Kapoor as Neha Kurien, Sharman Joshi as Alok, Madhavan as Hari and Boman Irani as Professor Kurien.
To add to this star cast, we have the team which gave us the “Munna Bhai” series as the director and producer. Vidhu Vinod Chopra surely has pulled of a casting coup by convincing Aamir Khan to do this film. This will be Aamir’s next release after “Ghajini”.


Ryan , a handsome and adventurous young man, loves his friends more than anything else (more than his parents too). He hates being a book worm like other of his college mates, so always ends up getting low grades in his college exams. He believes in doing things his way, and ends up having five pointers as his GPA.
Hari , a shy guy by nature wants to be handsome like Ryan. He is average at studies (pretty bad/funny at viva. He falls in love with Neha Kurien (his Professor’s daughter). He always messes up when he attempts to impress Mr Kurien (his professor).
Alok is a simple boy who wants to get good grades and earn money to overcome poverty of his family.
I believe Hirani doesn’t want to give away the look of his protagonists soon, which is why the teaser doesn’t have any of the actors in it. The shoot of the film has already begun at Shimla, Ladakh, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. The shoot is supposed to be over by December though release dates are not confirmed yet.
One thing that may go against the movie is that the book, “Five Point Someone” had its protagonists playing 18-22 year olds initially atleast. It remains to be seen if Aamir, Madhavan and gang can pull that off. I have a feeling that the movie will not be a complete adaptation of the book, instead the book will just be a base from which the screenplay will be built on
Shantanu Moitra (of Parineeta fame) is working on the music for the movie, the lyrics of which is by Swanand Kirkire ..

Amir Khan
Aamir Khan picture
Amir Khan is an Best Actor
Movie Karaoke of Amir Khan Hits
amir khan in fanaa
Amir Khan Aamir Hussain Khan, the PET-SHOP boy of the bollywood, was born 14 March 1965 to Tahir and Zeena Hussain into a family of his elder bro Faizal who is a VJ and an actor and two sisters Nikhat and Farhad.
Aamir Khan, who is called AK everywhere, has, though his first movie was Holi, been introduced into the films as a Hero in 1988 with all time musical hit "QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK" - the numbers of which can still be heard around. AK, being the gentle man and heart throb in the industry, has acted in front of the camera almost with all the heroines and the performance in all his movies is always beyond expectation. In 1996, he has got the "Best Actor" award for his outstanding performance in "Raja Hindustani" which was a smash hit at the box office and Aamir has placed himself among the top heroes of the Bollywood.
Aamir is not just an actor. He likes literature a lot and whenever he finds his time, he enjoys reading the writings of Leo Tolstoy.
He is married to Reena and has been blessed with two.
In Bollywood, Aamir definitely has a place for his looks and his unique style in the films.


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It is after a long gap Sharman Joshi is back in Bollywood with not one but three back to back films. The talented actor is looking forward to doing great work in Bollywood now that his 3 IDIOTS has been a box office hit and his act in it appreciated by one and all.

"I hope that good scripts find me. And I hope, that I manage to latch on to them" Sharman says. Talking about hardly been seen in films in last many months, Sharman reveals, "I have been by choice not doing films. I only accepted those roles that excited me but now that 3 Idiots has set the ball rolling I hope to do better films."
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Working on 3 Idiots for Sharman has been a great joy. He recalls, "We got to relive our college days again. Post pack up we played Tennis, Badminton and Volley ball. I have never lived in a hostel so it was an experience interacting with the boys around like a home away from home. We hung out at the coffee kiosk, or had parties on the flight of stars which was a mini party joint. We definitely had our moments. I am sure when you watch the film you will go home with something to think about"

Sharman is now looking forward to Ramesh Taurani's next, TOH BAAT PAKKI and Ravi Walia's ALLAH KE BANDE.

"TOH BAAT PAKKI marking the Hindi directorial debut of ace filmmaker from Marathi cinema, Kedar Shinde stars Tabu and Uvika Chaudhary. It's a romantic-emotional drama. Where as Ravi Walia's ALLAH KE BANDE directed by Faruque Kabir is a redemption drama. It is an intense film with a message and stars Naseeruddin Shah and Atul Kulkarni." Sharman adds and concludes.

R Madhavan Admits '3 Idiots' Selling On Aamir Khan's Name
R Madhavan
R Madhavan
Actor R Madhavan admits that the film '3 Idiots' is being sold in superstar Aamir Khan’s name. Aamir has started a new way of promoting the film. Madhavan is unperturbed by the actor hogging the limelight and says he has no problem with that.
Madhavan, who had co-starred with Aamir in the hit film ‘Rang De Basanti’ said, "Aamir is the biggest star; so it would be foolish to think that the focus will be entirely on you when he is in the film. We are selling '3 Idiots' on his name.”
Aamir has launched a game where one has to spot the Bollywood star who will travel across the country in different get-ups in two weeks. His travels have so far taken him to Varanasi, Madhya Pradesh's Chanderi district, former cricket captain Sourav Ganguly's home in Kolkata and Jaipur.
Madhavan said, “However, the fact is that the film is called '3 Idiots' and I'm one of the three; so my presence is obviously felt.”
The film slated for a Dec 25 release, also stars Kareena Kapoor and Sharman Joshi. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, it is about two idiots - Sharman and Madhavan - who are in search of the third idiot, played by Aamir.
Madhavan said it was wonderful working with Aamir again. He said,"It was great getting back with Aamir and Sharman after 'Rang De Basanti'. We stayed together in a hostel during the shoot of the film and had a great time. Aamir is an outstanding friend and a very loving person. He pursues things till perfection. I have learnt a lot from him.”
The 39-year-old actor, who was an engineering student denied to reveal  about his role in the film, but said it resembles his own life. Talking about director Hirani, Madhavan said,"He is the most chilled out director I have ever worked for; he is amazing and makes an actor so relaxed on the sets."
"Of course.’3 Idiots' has the potential to beat all films," the actor added. Madhavan is also looking forward to his upcoming venture Leena Yadav's ‘Teen Patti’ which has Amitabh Bachchan and Hollywood veteran Ben Kingsley in pivotal roles.

3 idiots is the best..chachu aal izz well.


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